Reading, Writing and Listening Examinations

Anglia Network Europe offers a comprehensive and structured programme of assessing English language competence, from beginner through to full competence as an expert user. This step-by-step approach to testing encourages and motivates students to make clear and effective progress. Anglia exams measure three language skills - listening, reading and writing. Speaking tests can be done separately.

Goal is to offer the English language structured, step by step and to test the level. Anglia is not a teaching method. Regular English classes are a good foundation. Anglia can very easily be integrated in the regular English classes. Teachers are free on how to fill in the subjects. Anglia can offer books and other materials, but this is optional. The Handbook for Teachers gives a detailed overview of requirements per level.

Students take the examinations at their own school, guided by their own teachers and the examinations are marked in Chichester, England. Anglia Examinations consist of ten different levels and the Anglia International Business English examinations are available at four levels. The Anglia step by step approach has 14 levels (10 General English Levels and 4 Business English Levels), which makes it possible for everyone to work at the right level and to monitor progress.

The Anglia approach is a very motivating and stimulating approach. Our aim at all levels is to give confidence to the students, to reward what they've learned and to encourage them in their language learning. After passing the Examination, students receive an internationally accepted and recognized certificate.



Reading / Writing



First Step - Preliminary 1 hour +/- 11 minutes
Elementary 2 hours +/- 14 minutes
Pre-Intermediate 2 hours +/- 17 minutes
Intermediate 2 hours +/- 22 minutes
Advanced 3 hours +/- 17 minutes
(AcCEPT) Proficiency 3 hours +/- 20 minutes
Masters 3 hours +/- 22 minutes